Cooper Browning


Current semester: Spring 2022

Expected Graduation: August 2022

In 10th grade, I started creating soccer highlight reels for my siblings and I immediately fell in love with editing. I then came to the University of Tampa where I stumbled around for almost 2 years with an undeclared major. It wasn’t until I began taking Sound, Image, and Motion with professor Taylor Curry that I declared as a film major. The class gave a new spark to my passion for editing. After declaring my major, I took an experimental filmmaking class with professor Warren Cockerham that really helped me fine-tune a lot of my post-production skills. 

When it comes to post-production, It can have me lost in time to the point where I look up and realize 12 hours or even a day has gone by. I feel that I can always enjoy my time spent while doing it, as I have a knack for editing.  With that being said, I am proficient with both Final cut and Adobe Premiere along with a couple of other adobe applications. 

As far as cinematography comes into play, I could use some more practice. I have never owned my own camera, so everything I have created in the past has been created with a borrowed camera. I also believe that I need to sharpen my directing and writing skills as those areas have never been my strong suits. I have been looking into buying a camera so that I can work on these skills and improve my camera work and vision. 

In the future, I see myself sitting in the editing suite or standing behind a camera on a set. I know that I might not start out as the main editor or the director of photography but I do believe that with enough time dedicated to the craft of filmmaking that I will be able to achieve those dreams during my lifetime. It does not really matter to me whether I will be working for a small privately-owned business or a big corporate business. As long as I can following my passion I will be unbothered where ever I end up.