Kamali Culpepper was born and raised in Florida and is an aspiring director and writer. She started college at the University of South Florida (USF) and was a general business major for two years because she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She has always loved movies and tv. She wanted to be an actor at first. Since she was 10 years old, she was in musicals such as, Aladdin Jr, High School Musical Jr, and Fiddler on Roof Jr. She’s always liked writing too. During her Sophomore year she decided to change her major to Humanities with a concentration in Film and New Media. She took a video, animation, and digital arts class and made a stop motion animation where her friends voice the characters. This experience made her want to be a director.

She chose to transfer to the University of Tampa to pursue a BFA in Film and Media Arts where she has written five scripts and directed three short films. Over the year that she has been here she has grown so much as a writer. She also, is proficient at using Premiere Pro CC. Now she is a senior making her senior film which is about three maids who steal from their employers. She has worked with her professor extensively on writing her script and she’s improving it. She’s looking forward to making more projects in the future.