My name is Kamali Culpepper and I am a Film and Media Arts major. It is now Fall 2018 and I am expected to graduate Spring 2019. Here is a link to my blog

Throughout my time at UT I have learned many things. My strengths are writing, directing, and editing. Writing is a strength because I’ve improved over the time I’ve been here. My goal with my latest project, How to get away with Robbery”, was to have fun writing and directing it, which I achieved. I like action, suspense, drama, and comedy. I try to integrate those genres in everything I write. I’m pretty good at directing actors to create the vision I want. Lastly, I’ve become proficient at editing due to watching YouTube videos on editing. I’ve gotten compliments on my story ideas and editing.

However, I feel like my weakness is audio. I can record audio on set and sync it into premiere but if there are issues with the audio I’m kind of stuck. I know about ADR but with actors schedules, that’s difficult to do. We haven’t really been taught how to clean up audio. My professor, Gregg Perkins, did help me for an hour one day, one on one which was helpful. I just wish there was a sound class.

In my webisodes class I was able to pitch my idea to another class and one person agreed to help me. Through this one person, I met many others who are able to help to this day. My professor, Aaron Walker, has helped me a lot with my writing and setting up shots. He helps me think about things in a different way. His senior seminar class has helped me create the best short film I’ve ever made. He has helped me feel more confident as a writer .

After I graduate I want to work in production. I also plan to keep writing and making short films to enter into festivals. In the near future I plan to become a paid director and writer. My classes have given me the opportunity to direct my own films which have helped me learn to direct through trial and error. I can’t wait to continue filmmaking for years to come.