Leah Hamilton is a junior at The University of Tampa and in 2020 will obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and New Media. At first majoring in pre-veterinary, because of her love for animals, Leah decided to change her major to Film and New Media in order to follow her passion for film. Leah is a native to Florida, she was born and raised in Titusville, FL. In her hometown there was not much of an art scene, but growing up Leah has always been inspired and passionate about the arts, especially film and photography. In high school Leah was a content creator and editor for her school’s TV Production for 3 years. Leah was also a member of her school’s N.A.H.S. (National Art Honor Society) for 4 years where her photography skills grew and she was even awarded in various public art shows. Currently as a college student, through her coursework and projects, Leah continues to learn and expand her knowledge and skills in film and photography. With her experience and knowledge in film and photography Leah hopes to continue to learn and create various new projects. One day she plans to become a cinematographer and leave her mark on the film industry.