Leah Hamilton, Film and Media Arts Major, Spring 2019, Expecting to graduate Spring 2020. https://fmx298.santiago.bz/lhamilton/ & https://leahhamilton1218.wixsite.com/mysite

So far throughout my schooling years at The University of Tampa I have learned and expanded my skills, knowledge, and experiences about filmmaking. Although I have learned much there are still areas I can improve in. When it comes to filmmaking my biggest weakness would include achieving good sound quality. I have received many good lectures and demonstrations about how to get the best sound quality while on set, but it can be very challenging at times. Doing an audio demonstration in class is helpful but very different than actually being on set trying to get good audio.

Do in part because of my love of photography, my strength in filmmaking is having a good eye when it comes to working behind the camera. I’m passionate about cinematography and photography so most of my focus goes into what the final frame of a shot or picture will look like. I enjoy assessing the overall composition of a frame while filming or taking photos.

The professors I’ve had while attending UT are very passionate about their work and what they do. They want nothing but success for their students. They are always willing to help and honestly critique any project or work presented to them. The course that has had the most influence on me has been my Experimental Filmmaking class with Warren Cockerham. The class forced me to think unconventionally and allowed me to freely create whatever I could imagine.

Upon graduation I plan to work on various local film sets in order to gain more skill and experience. I want to use what I learn and eventually become a successful cinematographer. I enjoy bringing stories to life through creating films. Also as a woman who is also African American I want to show representation and leave my mark on the film industry.