This video was recorded a few days into full development. Trying to prove that I was capable of taking on this project felt like an uphill battle, so I wanted to have a working prototype of the game within just one week.
This is the tileset used for the ground of the game (it is recolored pink for the ceilings). I worked on the graphics before adding more chunks because I anticipated that the extra layers required for tiling would necessitate changes to the chunk-generation object. I admit it is an unusual move that I wouldn’t normally recommend, but in this instance it saved me a lot of time.
The sprite sheet that is used for the player character. There were several guidelines I had when designing this character; a compact appearance, a vertically symmetrical shape, and so on. Ultimately, I settled on a rabbit-like robot, where the “ears” compliment the feet well.
This video was recorded just over 2 months after the previous video. The visuals are the most noticable difference, being near-final, but a lot of work was put in behind the scenes as well. At this point, the game was extremely close to being in its minimum viable product state.