Starting in the summer of 2018, I was hired on as a social media/marketing and post-production intern at Aerial Innovations, Inc. in Tampa, Florida. I’ve used Photoshop to create customer post cards, flyers for an ICSC (International Convention of Shopping Centers), and some other jobs they’ve had me do. I’ve edited some of their aerial photographs through Adobe Bridge and Adobe Lightroom, and taken some practice shoots in the Fixed Wing plane and helicopter. I manage their social media accounts and E-mail campaigns through MyEmma.

Since then, I’ve been promoted to Marketing Director. Although I still assist with day-to-day production when needed, sending out photos to clients, reaching out to branding companies (Yelp, local merchandise businesses, etc,) assisting in ground videography, sorting through archived photographs for the online store, managing the social media, answering phone calls, sending out monthly E-newsletters, and whatever else they need. It’s a small company, so I help around with various jobs besides marketing.

@aerialinnovations Instagram