Lanie Jones is a senior at the University of Tampa studying film and art. Her love for film, art, and photography sparked at a young age. It first began with the over the top projects in elementary and middle school, always tying in art with them. It later progressed into photography, with her trying to eternalize the beautiful moments in life through a camera. In high school she took numerous art classes, as well as photography, usually dedicating all of her time to those classes. When it was time to go to college she decided to stay local since she is so family oriented and chose to study film with a minor in art at the University of Tampa. Since starting college she has been able to express herself through short films, photography, and even traditional art pieces. She will be receiving her degree in film and art in 2020 and plans on getting her foot in the film industry door afterwards. She strives to use her camera skills and artistic eye to bring new ideas to the industry.