Baylor Talcott

New Media Production

Graduation Date: Spring 2021

I’ve always had a passion for writing, and, when I first came to college, I thought that I would make it a career. I went with what I knew I could do and tried to take the easy road out. But as I started to take easy classes, I knew that the easy way wasn’t the way I wanted to further my education. So I challenged myself, switching from Journalism to a career in New Media where, at the time, the most I knew how to do was create a new Word document. I can safely say it was the best decision I’ve made. By taking classes focused on creativity and design, I was not only able to further develop my writing skills but develop new passions for digital design and social media. The idea that I can tell a story that can be read on millions of screens in the blink of an eye is one that I focus every day on making better. 

When I decided to switch majors in the spring of my sophomore year, I knew that starting over wouldn’t be easy. I come from a small town of people who refuse to try anything different and avoid stepping out of their comfort zones. A town where everyone knows everyone, and the person sitting next to you is probably related to six others in the room. I knew that I didn’t want a life like this, and this is the reason I knew I had to switch into a major where I knew I could escape being comfortable. By taking classes that pushed me every day, I was able to not only improve my writing ability but hone in on new skills that I have come to love. Taking classes like Creative Coding, I created original coding projects using HTML5 and CSS3 that required intense even sleepless nights, but they were some of the most satisfying projects to create. Additionally, I had the privilege to intern for multiple companies in Tampa that showed me an idea of where I wanted to go. I learned that work within journalism isn’t restricted to just writing and reporting. I was able to create original, real-world applicable content that allowed me to see another side of digital media. 

One thing that was very obvious was that I would have weaknesses and still do. Since I started later than my peers, I was always playing catch up and overloading myself with the information I should have learned two years prior. Some of which I was able to catch onto quickly, but others I still have yet to master. Specifically, programming and coding were very difficult for me to understand. I have never been a mathematically driven person, but, by relentlessly working for hours even days, the transition and improvement in my work from even a year ago is already night and day. For me, learning is a lifelong goal, and the idea that once you graduate college your education is over is one that I will never accept. 

My career path in college has had many twists and turns and while I don’t know exactly what the future holds, I at least know what I am passionate about. After graduation, I see myself in a career as a multi-media journalist, using the latest technology to tell stories that people care about and need to know. I truly enjoy writing, and because of this, I plan to find a career that allows me to not only write but use the additional skills I have developed to create work that tells a creative story. In the next few months, I plan to find a job that challenges me and allows me to continue my lifelong learning in media.