Throughout my life I have always been inspired by the creation of art and film. Upon committing to Parsons School of Design, I discovered my love for art and technology. Eventually, that lead me to explore the world of animation. Animation was the perfect fit for me as it is a combination of technology and traditional art aspects. 

As I struggle in the character development part of animation, I strive in creating skeletons that generate authentic movement and modeling realistic objects; which is where I will establish my focus. With all strengths come weaknesses and 2D animation is mine. Developing anime is not where I want to focus my work. The 3D world calls my name. Rigging, modeling, and special effects is where I will blossom.

At the University of Tampa I was blessed with amazing professors that extended my knowledge and shed light onto animation. They granted me the ability to work with softwares like Maya Auto Desk, Fusion 360, and Meshmixer. The professors that inspired and educated me were Erica Isringhaus  and Douglas Sutherland. These incredible professors gave me the basics of animation teaching me timing, action, anticipation, and staging. Now it is my turn to go ahead and push myself to conquering these techniques and more. 

I am still deciding whether I want to pursue an MA in Animation, specifically at SCAD or California Institute of the Arts. I intend to move to New York, and then to California where I will work in the animation world. My life goal is to be affiliated with Marvel or DreamWorks studios; I intend to push myself until I achieve my dream.