Graduating May 2022

Moving from my Original hometown of PG County Maryland, A place filled with energy towards creativity and boldness of culture and the mecca of motivational success stories to Florida was an unexpected culture shock. The one thing that was similar between Maryland and Florida was my love for music, yet there was a slight problem in my opinion which was the spark of my music producing career plus more.

I taught myself at the age of 14 electronic instrumentals using FL Studio, Garageband, and Logic X Pro. I was obsessed to change the motive of instrumentals related to how it made people feel. Since then I have had the opportunity to collaborate with RIAA Gold & Platinum certified producers who have made songs for mainstream billboard artist. Including starting my own Youtube channels filled with instrumentals, beat packs, drum kits, melody kits and more based around my beats. I would constantly network among mainstream name artist and managers and enter my beats into online instrumental competitions or radio stations to trickle my name down the grape vine for future references and opportunities.

Coming to the University of Tampa I had hopes to learn more about music producing leaning towards the music industry, Instead I elevated my graphic design skills using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which led me to design logos and create edits for D1 collegiate and professional athletes and teams. I also taught myself how to edit videos using Premiere Pro and After Effects, which lead me to create short sports edits, commercials, ads for businesses and music videos for artist. lastly, I taught myself the basics of photography. I run 4 Instagram pages and 2 Youtube pages that have tutorials on how I make simple graphics or simply the instructions creatives might need or want to learn using the software’s that I taught myself how to use.

3D modeling and creative coding are fairly new talents that I apply daily along with graphic designing and video editing with my athletic communications work study. When I graduate, I plan to have a collective of sports edits of athletes around the world to prove to any athletic organization i can freelance just about anywhere. In the meantime I am creating movie & TV show inspired beat tapes, NBA team theme custom colorway shoes & athlete edits, Editing music videos, video recording athletic games for The University of Tampa’s Athletic Communications Team and lastly beginning to dabble in branding for designer companies & product advertisement.