TITLE: Deflated
MEDIA: Video Mapping Installation
SOFTWARE: Resolume
SPECIFICATIONS: Wooden stick, white balloons, medal disk, super glue
CLASS: ART 463 Installation and Multimedia Art (STDO)
PROFESSOR: Joshua Howard
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
LINK: https://www.instagram.com/p/B94RK4KlJEi/

This was my first, ever installation. In using a metal disk to hoist up a wooden stick that I had bough at Home Depot, I super glued white balloons onto it in a line formation. Having the smaller balloons along the whole thing, except for the one in the middle, being the main focus. I mapped President Trumans speech on his take of what was happening in the stock market at the time. Deflation and inflation where main issues that I thought could be represented in balloon form.