A short film on how my mother came into the states and how her Latin roots have everything to do with her new lifestyle adapting into American culture. The goal is to overall try to capture the essence of my mom’s beautiful spirit on film. She’s a determined, hard-working, strong women who is still working on achieving her dreams in a free nation that still comes with baggage.

It all boils down to how immigrants are treated on land that has been taken. there is no American soil but one built on ancestry. No founding race but unity within all of them.

Interview Questions:

What has been the most difficult part of coming to the states? What has surprised you the most? What kind of discriminations did you/ do you still currently face? Language Barrier? How has your community proved to be different? Have you had to adapt? How do you feel about current circumstances within today’s culture? (the riots, immigration laws, the president) Has moving here benefited you, rather than staying in DR? Do you feel “the American Dream” is possible from where you are standing?



Main Focus: How far she has come and how far she’ll go, in search of “the American Dream”. Audio playing over film content. Moments of speaking Spanish that have to be subtitled. This includes her perspective of her job, capturing a facetime with my grandparents, her kids, how she has dealt with the struggles that came with not understanding.