Title: Uncanny Scale
Programs used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Mad Mapper
Hardware used: Windows 10, Optoma Projector
Class: Multimedia Installation
Professor: Santiago Echeverry
Semester: Fall 2022
Institution: University of Tampa
For this assignment I needed to make a projection on a large scale, meaning I needed to have something the height of a person that also wasn’t a flat surface. For this, I used a nightstand, my bedroom door, a couple BCW long boxes (as well as a couple sleeves of cardboard to cover the logos), and lastly a Taiko Tatsujin drum controller to use as my canvas. I wanted to explore the idea of the first couple assignments again. Instead of retreading old ground for “error” or “uncanny” I opted to combine with gameplay footage that doesn’t quite fit right. the files of the game are corrupt and jarring to look at, the drum being played doesn’t match the song to rhythm game below it, but yet everything is still moving along seamlessly.