First the idea of utilizing the artwork made in pre-production was to be put into JavaScript as of my previous experience with the coding language seemed like a natural fit. In the coming days I refamiliarized myself with the language before getting started.


The idea of using Javascript was thrown out at request of my advisor. Instead, he asked I resort to using Game Maker Studio to put everything together. While out of my element, having no prior experience with GMS, I got to work.


After tediously spending a day renaming and moving all the artwork to the proper file folders, I started to play with the program and saw what worked and what didn’t. Tutorials where plentiful but took a while to get comfortable. Much anger was experience as beginner mistakes with the program occurred.


In the coming weeks between my other assignments throughout the semester, I realized most of what I had put together in engine needed to be scrapped and reset to make the program do what I needed. Fortunately, it was uphill from there.


By this point, every asset was in engine and working properly. All the artwork and arrow keys were accounted for and the first fully functional build of my point and click adventure game, Cowboy Rex was finished.