Start at: 3:42-4:19
TITLE: Jack and Quinn
YOUR ROLE: Director, Editor, DP, Produce
MEDIA: Digital Video
SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere
CLASS: FMX 314 Experimental Filmmaking
PROFESSOR: Warren Cockerham
TERM: Spring 2020
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
DESCRIPTION: This was my final project for my experimental class and to this day one of the films I’m most proud of. It follows two young boys from my neighborhood on an afternoon as they play outside. Much like Quinn’s tumble down the big hill in the scene, going home for quarantine felt like I was going backwards in life, not just in the progression of my own success but also like I was going back in time. Making this film was me looking to kids who are unable to do anything but live in the moment for a model of how to be happy during this unprecedented time.

Start at: 0:13 – 0:32
TITLE: Waves
YOUR ROLE: Director, Editor
MEDIA: Digital Video
SOFTWARE: Adobe After Effects
CLASS: FMX 241 Sound Image and Motion
PROFESSOR: Gregg Perkins
TERM: Fall 2018
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
DESCRIPTION: Project from the experimental unit in Sound Image and Motion. The goal was to contrast the natural world with the industrialization of man and to also highlight some of my own personal fears surrounding the ocean. This class was the first time I used after effects and it sparked my interest in compositing as a powerful filmmaking tool.