As I am nearing the end of my educational career, I have begun to reflect on both my personal growth and my extensive course load within the large spectrum of New Media. During my first several semesters at the University of Tampa, I was unsure of what my greatest strengths were within the field. I also had a blurry vision for where I could see myself post-grad. As I continued to delve into the New Media curriculum, the courses became more focused on the various explorations within media. As a result, I have been able to discover my greatest passions and talents.

While it is extremely important to acknowledge my most recent passions and achievements, it is equally important to discuss what led me to study New Media. For as long as I can remember, the Entertainment Business, as a whole, has been my greatest interest. The Entertainment Culture has been a staple component of my entire being. I can honestly say that I could have not seen myself pursuing any other field but the one I am entering. I believe that creative expression is amongst the most beautiful outlets for humankind.

Through studying music production, film, digital media, coding, and graphic design, I have discovered my greatest passion, Digital Illustration. Although the future remains unknown, I hope to begin my career at a Digital Marketing Agency. In this work environment, I will be given various forums for creation. I am looking forward to discovering more of my talents and hopefully find a company that fits perfectly with my artistic passions.