Name: Kamryn Smith

Major:  New Media

Semester: Spring 2021

Expected Graduation: Spring 2021


As I am nearing the end of my undergrad, I have begun reflecting on my college experience. When I first came to UT, I was confident that I wanted to pursue a degree in some form of Entertainment. I have always loved music, film, and anything you can think of that is “creative.” When I came across the New Media Program, I knew that I wanted to attend the University of Tampa. Once I began taking classes, I noticed how drawn I was to digital design. I loved the process of creating an image in my head, to visually being able to see it come to life on screen. Through countless hours working on my craft, my love has grown for creating art.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a visual, hands-on learner. Therefore, I have grown in the areas that I have learned and practiced regularly. During my education, I have spent countless hours focusing on the material that is of interest to me, and that I see myself showing great ability. As I am entering my final month of college, I am confident in various coding languages such as (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I am also well versed in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. It is important to remember that I have not always been a designer, but that I have always shared artistic capabilities.

I never like to think of myself as having weaknesses. Instead, I rather view weaknesses as areas I can improve. Over my four years exploring and learning new software programs, I have seemed to struggle in the areas that I have had no experience or interest prior. Before I entered college, I had shown interest in learning several Adobe applications, but not those including film. I had never been interested in pursuing film, so I immediately struggled with those platforms. As a result, I have been less motivated to familiarize myself with film applications. Writing this shows a weakness all on its own. Just because I don’t enjoy an area of media as much does not mean I should not spend an equal amount of time pursuing it. Learning a platform is always possible. Starting now, I will focus on areas, like film, that I have struggled to grasp. In the business of entertainment, it is important to be well-rounded. At this point, I do believe I am, but I can always strive to be more.

Now, I have only several weeks before I receive my diploma. Six months ago, I would have struggled to describe where I thought I would be after graduation. However, in the past several months, I have created a much clearer vision. I am looking to start a career in Digital Marketing. In this industry, I would like to be a social media associate, creative designer, and or a mix of both. My major has taught me a variety of skills within digital media. Therefore, I believe I can thrive in a setting where I can show all of my talents, rather than just one. I know my first job may not be my dream job, but I know it can lead me there. Depending on how the next few months play out, I will either complete a master’s program that will add to my already existing portfolio or begin my career. Here’s to the next phase of my life!