TITLE: Fruit Harvest
MEDIA: Coding
SOFTWARE: Adobe Dreamweaver
HARDWARE: Windows 10 64-bit
CLASS: FMX 310 Creative Coding
PROFESSOR: Santiago Echeverry
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
LINK: https://fmx310.santiago.bz/FMX310/fa20/nordhagen/08_OOPGAME/final_game_01.html
DESCRIPTION: Of all the languages I expected to program a game in, I was never expecting HTML5 to be an answer, but this was the challenge I took on for my final project in Creative Coding. I drafted a ton of prototypes for what style of gameplay, but ultimately decided to stick with simplicity and create a fruit-collecting game. Whereas most games would have your main character follow the mouse, I realized that this style of gameplay would be ineffective for mobile gameplay, so I added touch controls to move your character and break fruit that you can’t collect in time so it doesn’t detract from your lives. Though the game is technically endless, the scenery and fruit selection changes depending on your level, and features a score ranking system to encourage replayability.

TITLE: RPG Simulator
MEDIA: Coding
SOFTWARE: Trinket.io
HARDWARE: Windows 10 64-bit
CLASS: ITM 251 Application Development
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
LINK: https://trinket.io/library/trinkets/88dc786190
DESCRIPTION: My final group project for Application Development was a role-playing game simulator. This was actually based on a prototype I had been working on in my free time during the class, focused primarily on using random number generation to determine the strength of the player’s attacks as well as what attacks the enemy uses. It was limited, however, and for the full project we decided to expand on the idea a lot. The program now takes your name as input, allows you to choose a character class that impacts some of your stats, and provides special text depending on how you perform.