The final title screen for the now titled Flip-Side Sprint, complete with a logo, key art, and more. Since I wanted to keep the amount of different screens in the game to a minimum, a lot of info needed to fit here. It took a lot of rewriting and reorganization to achieve the final look.
A glimpse into the workspace behind the game. One of the final elements in the production of my senior project was having other people test it, so I could gather feedback and information about their experience. Part of the code included here was actually added in response to a bug encountered by a playtester!
The soundtrack for Flip-Side Sprint was composed entirely by myself in Ableton Live. It would have been easier to find royalty-free music, but I was really insistent on putting the musical knowledge I got from my major to good use here! I was really worried about the quality of the tracks, but to my relief the soundtrack has been received well by playtesters.