Progressively, more professionals are using any way they can to make themselves more visible in a sea of very strong competitors. One of the methods they are using is a video resume, that allows them to showcase their time-based media skills, in animation, cinematography, storytelling, etc.

You will create a 1 minute video (exactly 60 seconds!!!) where you will present yourselves in they way you best: as animators, film makers and new media producers.


• Professional examples  Video Resumé #1#2#3#4#5#6

• Look for TikTok Video resumes and share the most creative ones with the entire class

• Upload the full quality 1080P MP4 video to your portfolio and choose the best frame as video poster.

Student Examples: Nye / Babics / Nordhagen / Hansali / Brickeen / Platteter / Flores / Morales

Steven Nye FMA
Beau Babics FMA
Dylan Nordhagen NMD
Jean Baptiste Hansali FMA
Katarina Brickeen ANIM
Brook Platetter NMD
Nicole Flores FMA
Amber Morales ANIM