Bring your most recent resume to class so we can all study it and give you feed back.

Key elements to have in mind:

• Maximum ONE page
• List every item from latest to newest (reverse chronological order)
• For security reasons and to protect your privacy, do not include your private information (phone number, address, personal email). Use the generic address and email from the University of Tampa
• If you think it is necessary, create a unique email account that you will use ONLY for professional matters, and list it in your personal information (remember that the email provided by UT will expire after a year)
• Some students are using a Google Phone number that you can create using your Gmail account.

Harvard’s tips for undergraduate resumes and cover letters

FILM MAJORS: Create a SECOND page with your filmography. List all the projects that you ave worked on. Start with the ones you have directed, and go down the list, stating the director, producer, your role, title, year and duration of every project.

After we have given you the necessary feedback during class, do the necessary corrections and upload a PDF file, as well as a READABLE SCREEN SHOT of it in case the PDF doesn’t work.

Examples: Babics / Nye / Talcott / Platetter / Nordhagen / Hansali (Eng / French) / Krayem (Eng/Arabic)