Rubrics for Evaluation

Depending on the projects themselves, due to their diversity, we will use the following rubrics for their evaluation and/or a combination of all rubrics if interdisciplinary portfolios are presented.

A minimum of 2 evaluators from the FMX Department will grade and accept the projects.

In order to pass the class and be cleared for graduation, the portfolio needs to be approved and passed by all evaluators.

Points for each rubric:
Outstanding (5) | Good (4) | Acceptable (3) | Poor (2) | Bad (1) | Not Applicable (0)


1) The work submitted displays a correct usage of tools appropriately used for their projects in their context?

2) The work submitted displays an understanding of multimedia tools optimized for whichever platform they are developing for?

3) The work submitted displays a proficiency in time based media (video and audio manipulation and editing)?

4) The presented portfolio displays a proficiency in Drawing (and or) Illustration?

5) The work submitted displays an understanding of Digital Media in 2D ( Canvas, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. )?

6) The student’s portfolio displays a proficiency of Digital Media in 3D (Modelling, Printing, and/or 3D Animation, etc.)?

7) The work submitted displays a proficiency in texturing and modeling (whether digital or analog)?

8) The work submitted displays a general understanding of the history and evolution of New Media and Digital tools?

9) The work submitted displays the ability to produce industry standard works?

10) The work submitted displays an understanding of the importance of 2D imaging, 3D graphics and Animation in our culture today?

11) The work submitted displays the ability to produce a demo reel / portfolio with their own work?

12) The student’s statement shows a critical approach to the weaknesses and strengths of the student?


1) Storytelling: For Narrative Films, develop story, Mise en scene tells story, style matches concept, story is clearly told appropriate to its form. // Experimental films develop cohesive visual concepts.

2) Art and Design of Cinematography: Director of Photography: Cinematic Artistry Choice of Camera Angles, Lighting Overall Concept creativity

3) Art of Directing Performances: Actors are in the moment, not forced. Action of imagery for Experimental and Documentary is consistent with objective of the project

4) Art and Design of Editing: Proper Coverage, Pacing, Cleanness of cutting right place at the right time, creative expressive approaches

5) Sound Design: Clean dialogue, Sound FX appropriate music. Technically proper, with no major flaws in audio levels. Sound mix demonstrates student’s ability to use sound as a creative and expressive design aspect of film

6) Time Design: The work demonstrates aesthetic, and design principles in elements of film/video, including the use of time as an expressive design consideration.

7) Overall Quality of the work presented: Work as a whole, demonstrates artistic approach within design of the project. Demonstrate competence in student’s technical abilities of a professional entry level.


PASS 3-5 Point Average

FAIL 0-2.9 Point Average