The Statement is your PROFESSIONAL STATEMENT, think of it as the Artist’s Statement, with the focus on getting a job, presenting your strengths, turning your weaknesses into strengths, and letting us know who inspires you in your work. THIS IS THE VERY LAST ASSIGNMENT you will produce in this class, it MUST refer to the works you are presenting in your finished portfolio.

28 tips to write an artist statement || Quotes by famous artists

Please review every single one of your posts on your site, in each category. Try to use a critical eye when looking at your works and in 4 paragraphs you will tell us the following:

Header: your name, major, current semester and expected graduating semester, the URL of your sites (this does not count as a paragraph)

• What aspects of your education brought you to the level where you are right now (which classes and professors gave you the best formation or the best tools to realize where you are right now)

• What are your strengths (be authentic about your own work)

• What are your weaknesses (areas where you feel you need more training and what has prevented you from getting that training) and what will you do to fix those weaknesses.

• Where do you see yourselves after you graduate and what do you expect to get out of your majors to be where you want to be in the future.

Stick to ONE PARAGRAPH MAXIMUM per subject, please! And do not copy/paste the questions: Integrate the questions into your answers, make it sound like paragraphs that are actually connected.

We need your honest opinion to make sure the FMX department and our programs go in the right direction. This is a self-evaluation, not a predetermined set of answers and cliches that won’t help anyone grow.

Student Examples: Russo / Guyton / Byrne / Platteter / Krayem / Nye / Morales / Adams / Harris /