At The University of Tampa, I was trained to use the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro, along with Rokoko Studio, to be able to record motion capture, refine and export it out of Rokoko Studio, and finally being able to use the data in other softwares such as Autodesk Maya or Unreal Engine. The school later received the Smartglove components and I was then able to achieve full performance capture (face, body and hand tracking) and use it for various projects. I was also able to utilize the MoCap suit to drive a digital character (Metahuman) on the LED volume at UT, showing that we were capable of have animated characters and real world subjects interact on the same set. After using the Rokoko system, I now have knowledge that can translate across the different options that are available for professional motion capture systems.

TITLE: Lil Baby Concert Recreation
MEDIA: 3D Animation (Motion Capture)
SOFTWARE: Unreal Engine 4.27
HARDWARE: MacbookPro 16′
CLASS: FMX 321- Motion Capture
PROFESSOR: Marcio Goncalves
ROLE: MoCap Actor, Animator, Director, Set Designer
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
DESCRIPTION: This is the final project for the motion capture course, where I was the motion capture actor for my classmates’ and my own project. I also designed and modeled the concert environment in Autodesk Maya, where I also further refined the MoCap data. I then imported everything into Unreal Engine to utilize its faster render times, compared to Arnold in Maya.