In the course, Creative Triangle, with Kristofer Adkinson, we were organized into small groups to create bi-weekly videos for presenting. I took this course during the summer of 2019. The class is structured in a fast-paced form, primarily focusing on group-work and the ability to work together as a team.

Each week, we would alternate individual roles. For example, the first week of classes, my job entailed the duties of a Director of Photography, including the post-production aspects. The second week, my job switched to the role of the director.

The class is organized less about the look of the final project, but more about our ability to accept criticism, outside ideas, and general collaboration.


SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere, GarageBand
CLASS: FMX 331 – M
PROFESSOR: Kris Adkinson
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa

For our first project titled, Fame, we used a lot of improvisations. Our talent bailed on us the night before shooting, and so the boys served as the voices for the stuffed animal actors. I worked as the Director of Photography, so I filmed, provided suggestions, created the intro/outro hip-hop jingle, and edited the overall project.