COMPANY NAME: University of Tampa Theatre
HIRED: Student Work (Technical Theatre Worker)
TERM: 2021 Spring

DURATION: 0’39” (0’00-0’15)

DESCRIPTION: Alex Amyot hired me to help him edit Antigone (2021). This was back during harsher Covid-19 restrictions and Director Gary Lueter wanted all of his actors to film themselves in a greenscreen room on an iPad, however there was difficulties because everyone filmed differently. I was hired to sequence and help greenscreen the actors out as best as I could. This took a few weeks of post-production work because of the sheer amount of footage. I included a shot, so you could roughly understand what the production looked like.

COMPANY NAME: Brainscape
TERM: 2022 Summer


DESCRIPTION: Brainscape hired me in late July 2022 to make weekly Instagram reels for their page. They wanted fresh content based on the scenarios or things they needed put into Instagram Reels. We’d receive an excel spreadsheet and then make content based upon whatever they had assigned us on it. An example of a reel would be this professional tennis match I edited into a 25 second reel.

COMPANY NAME: Sherianna Johnson
HIRED: UpWork Freelance
TERM: 2022 Summer

DURATION: 0’33” (0’00-0’15)

DESCRIPTION: Sherianna Johnson hired me via UpWork to edit her Accounting Company some promos she could put on her Facebook page. The prominent issue was she had zero content for me to work with and I had to create everything myself or going through her Facebook to find some sort of graphic to use. Majority of the promos looked like this, she enjoyed having a quote that would support her business mission along with her contact information. I just used basic Premiere Pro to edit the look she wanted.