App Logo

This piece was done for my ART 210 class my freshman year. It was my very first time using Illustrator. The assignment was to take two Apps from the App Store, one being an app you use all the time and then an app you thought had no point at all. The two apps I chose were the music app and the Zippo Lighter app. With this, I created a combination of the two original apps with the music note and the head of a lighter. The idea was that when opening this app while playing your music the flame would flicker along with the beat of the song.

Face Cave Painting:

This Illustrator project was originally created in Photoshop, but I brought it into illustrator to give it a painting feel to it. This piece was something I did because the idea came to me. It was not for any particular class it was made for fun. I think that the pieces I make outside of class are much better at the end than my class assignments. With the man in the photo I had to individually select each part of his sweatshirt and change the color to red because the filter I put on only took the most prominent colors red was not one of them.

Derek Jeter Painting:

The Digital painting of Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter was created on Illustrator using color patches that when looked at brings the entire portrait together. When looked at up close you can see the individual color patches. I made this piece for fun and also practicing using the program my Freshman year. This technique took a while to do just because of the difference in coloration from the picture I used as a reference. Over all it came out looking the way it should.