TITLE: Eternal Motion


The eternal motion project I had the idea of deconstructing one of my friend to look like he is floating in space.  This project was one of the more challenging projects because of the movements.  I was trying to get them to look exactly the way

TITLE: Sacred Geometry


The sacred geometry assignment was probably one of the most satisfying projects because of the way the movements make it look like you are going through some sort portal transportation.  It is very much so an optical illusion which is what I like about it.

TITLE: Image Mandala


The Image Mandala Project was done for FMX 310. The assignment was to take personal images and make them into a Mandala. With this project I took ten drawings of my own, brought them into Dreamweaver, and made each of the drawings rotate around the center of the canvas. I liked using my own artwork because it was a much more personal piece for me. I really enjoyed how all of the drawings complimented each other to create one cohesive piece.

TITLE: Kinetic Poem


The kinetic poem project we had to make an image using text from Emma Gonzales a student from Parkland High School who spoke about guns and how gun control needs to be stricter.  I chose this look because I feel it conveys the points of her speech and what I think about guns.

TITLE: Illustrator Mandala


With this piece the project was to make a mandala using Illustrator files.  This project i think was one of my best looking ones because of the color scheme.  I like that  is actually has a feel of a traditional mandala.

TITLE: Video Mandala


This Project I had to take 10 videos and create a mandala.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do and what the idea should be.  I came up with the idea of doing 10 different tricks while juggling.  I really like the way that it came out, but I wish I had a better background where I filmed.

TITLE: Vector Mandala


The Vector Mandala the assignment was to make different geometrical Shapes and using code multiply them and revolve them to keep the same shape consistent. I chose the Yin and Yang symbol because it works very well as it rotates. With this it was great being able to have a function that multiples an object with out drawing every single piece. This project really opened my eyes to what code could actually do and that it is easier to make objects multiply.

TITLE: After the Human Race


This Project was done for FMX 310. The assignment was to take either a picture that we created or found online and turn it into an interactive picture. With this project I took a drawings of my own and, traced around it using code. I liked using my own drawing because it was a much more personal piece for me. I really enjoyed how my black and white photo turned into something much greater after adding color into it..