Title: Galaxy

This I created outside of the classroom my freshman year. I used Photoshop to bring the entire piece together. This is one of my favorite Photoshop pieces I have made in college. I took textures and created the planet and the sun. With the background, I used photos of space and layered them together and they truly complimented each other. With the planet I “sphereized” the image and added and inner glow to make it look like it has an atmosphere.

Title: Portal to the Unknown

I created this piece through Photoshop and did this piece for fun. I do not know where I got the inspiration for this piece I just got an image in my head and this is what became of it. With this picture, I took many different images to make somewhat of a coherent collage of images to make one image. I created this during my freshman year which was just after I learned how to use Photoshop.

Title: World in a Glass

This piece was made using Photoshop, and I made it on earth day 2017. I did this to show what will happen eventually if humans continue to not preserve the earth and the land that we live on. The man made city is underwater and the natural order of the earth begins to take over. Think this piece really brings what the earth really means to everyone in a visual, because without the earth there will be no us.

TITLE: Fantasy Story

This piece was made for FMX 207 Digital Illustration. With this we had to make a fantasy story that could be a children’s story. With this project I brought one of my early projects to create the portal that is leading to space. This is one of my favorite pieces I have done because of how it looks. Every aspect of the piece fits together to create the larger story that is happening.

Hidden Cave

This Photoshop project I came up with one day because I had so much running through my head. The idea just came to me while I was just thinking about school work. It was not for any particular class I made it for fun. I think that the pieces I make outside of class are much better at the end than my class assignments. The image came together because it symbolizes imagination and that is why the entrance and exit of the cave is a silhouette of my head.

TITLE: Dream

Using Photoshop I had to do this piece about either the best dream or the worst dream ever. The assignment was for FMX 210. I chose to do the best dream ever and the night started out with me riding an ostrich into the ocean and finding many different things like a shipwreck. Then Morgan Freeman as God shows up to save me from the Shark attack that is about to take place. This was my first ever Photoshop project in school.