Bouncing Ball Project

This animation I did it for FMX 217 and, was the first project I did using Maya software. With this project, I had to have multiple objects bouncing. Each object had to stretch and compress on each bounce. This was to give each object the most realistic look. It was to look like a ball is actually bouncing. I think this was the best way to start of using the Maya software because the software is so complicated.

Multiple Object Motion

Multiple Object Motion was done for FMX 217. This assignment we had to have a ball moving and bouncing through obstacles. I chose to make mine look like when a pinball machine shoots the ball. I liked the idea of making an obstacle for the ball to go through to the bin at the end.  This animation was difficult with the key framing because getting the ball to go through the ring perfectly.

Character Lightsaber Animation

The character animation was a project for FMX 217. This project we were given an already rigged character that we had to animate using a video I recorded of myself. I used the character to match the to the motions I had done on the video. This was probably the most challenging project because each movement had to be precise. The other part of the project was that I had to model a lightsaber and then rig it to the character.

Bubba the Talking Head

Bubba was the Final project for FMX 217 spring semester my sophomore year. With this project I had to record myself saying a quote from a movie. I chose a quote from Shawshank Redemption. The quote is said by Red who is played by Morgan Freeman. With this project, I started off with Bubba already modeled and rigged. I had to match what I was saying with Bubba. The hard part about this was matching the mouth movements with my voice to look like Bubba was actually saying what I was saying.