TITLE: Appliance Model

This Piece is a model of a blender made with Maya.  I am very proud of this because I can see how much I have grown when it comes to 3D modeling because from my first time using Maya I was not very good at making models and having them come out correctly.

TITLE: Aquatic Animal Model

This project I had to make an aquatic animal so I chose to make a Mosasaurus which is a prehistoric creature,  I chose this because I figured not many people would want to create an extinct animal so this is why I chose it.

TITLE: Architecture Model

The Empire State Building is one of the most well know buildings in the world and for this model I wanted to recreate it because from where I live I can see it from my house.  In my opinion I think it is one of the most beautiful buildings and that it why i wanted to make a 3D Model of it.

TITLE: Giraffe Model

This Model is for FMX 317 where I will be making a short film with the giraffe.  It is also being used for The classes group project where it will be one of the Characters.