Installation Project 1

TITLE: Plastic Jellyfish

This projection Piece was to show the pollution is a big problem in our world today.  I constructed a jellyfish out of old plastic bags and filled them with paper.  I then projected videos from when I went scuba diving so show the beauty of the ocean but also the realization that the world is so poluted.

Installation Project 2

TITLE: Fluid Painting

This projection project I wanted to show a side of my art skills that not many people knew about.  That is I do fluid paintings, and wanted to show the process of making them.  The projection of the paintings went above my bed because I wanted it represent some sort of dream like state that everyone has. 

Installation Project 3

TITLE: First World Problems

This Project was about the idea that many people around the world take food for granted like people in America.  This idea that we don’t worry about throwing away food is a big problem.  This is because many countries around the world do not have the same kind of luxuries we as Americans have and I think that is terrible.  What I wanted to show in this project is the act of food sliding down off of a table and disappearing.;