The Colors We Never See

FMX Independent Study

Gregg Perkins

FA 2018

This series of Photos were all taken on Davis Island in Tampa.  I wanted to do drastic color editing with the photos to show the vibrance of color that we cannot see with the naked eye.  I edited the photos these way because I have noticed many people respond to colors I different ways.  I want people to have to look and see the colors that we as humans do not see in nature often.

Red Sea Life

With this Series I had done over the summer after traveling to Israel.  All of the Pictures in this series were taken in Eilat in the Red Sea where many ocean life thrives.  When underwater the color red gets erased as you go deeper so with my edits I wanted to bring back that red color to give it a more vibrant look.

Tampa City Scape

This series was done in Downtown Tampa where I walked around the city to find visually interesting spots that I could show the beauty of this small city, I use a Canon 77D for all of the photos in this series.