The human capacity for love has no bounds. This inexplicable desire to love and feel is often derailed by the world we live in. Due to societal norms that create these notions, ideals, and values, invisible walls grow in our minds in which we continue to abide by. The internal and more often external struggle between the choice of feeling something and what is deemed right has grown over time into a political debate, especially in the era where these two minds reside. 

Based in the 1950s, One Stop Away uncovers these complexities of love through the relationship between two students; one a black girl, and the other a white boy. The two face their challenges head on after running into one another, and begin to explore the tensions of societal norms and how they deal with their hearts wanting otherwise. As the story ensues, I want the viewer to feel the struggle between the two as well as the desire for hope of things changing for the path to their future. Without the uncomfortable knowledge of the past, we would never be able to truly understand the the choices between love and reality.