The choice to make this project about racial tension was not random. I’ve always grown up with more white friends than black, and as I got older, a question that continued to transpire from others was if I had any black friends or any idea when I plan on dating someone the same color as me. While these things don’t necessarily immediately correlate with the racial aggression of the 1950s, it stems from a thought process that has lingered on throughout the decades. I wanted to explore this story through the racial dynamics of a white boy and a black girl, and learn within the process.


The 3-D animated film will be based off of both the 1951 Briggs v. Elliott and the larger 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka cases. The Briggs v. Elliot case began when a white school superintendent, R.M. Elliott, refused to provide a bus for the black children who had to walk to school, with some walking 16 miles everyday. The case was escalated once the goal was changed to end school segregation, and became the first of five cases that created the landmark case Brown v. Board.


The tale of two young lives during the Civil Rights Movement whose minds and hearts are progressing farther than their present.

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