Truly the simpler piece of creating my project, compositing in Adobe After Effects took about two hours to complete. Taking the time to now make sure that all the frames look correct as well as line up with one another is crucial after rendering, especially due to the immense amount of frames I had to maintain. The shot list was more helpful than ever, allowing me to search for frames in sections instead of guessing where different scenes begin and end.


Recently learning about YouTube’s audio library, they have royalty free music as well as copyright free songs for content creators to use. I wanted to capture tension in the music, but also have a light-hearted ending to balance the film out when the plot moved forward. After days of searching, I landed on Chris Haugen’s “Northern Lights” due to its warm yet unsettling tone and for the composed ending since it matched well with the storyline.


The final edit in Adobe Premiere Pro was mainly placing all the scenes together and making sure that each one has the correct color balance and feel, and if there were any glaring issues I wanted to make sure I could fix them. Overall, the full render out of Premiere Pro took less than a minute since all the videos were composited beforehand.